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TLDR: Can you recommend an addon/plugin that helps with FBX issues upon import and export? I found only [https://blendermarket.com/products/better-fbx-importer--exporter]() which is a bit expensive for me, no guarantee it will work either. Option 2: can you recommend a plugin or addon that recalculates the normals more effectively or that could somehow help with this? Or perhaps you know a workaround? I've used Maya, Zbrush and other 3D software for roughly 5 years but I've only started learning Blender for about a month. So I'm not exactly sure which are the best resources or where to find them. From some basic researching, I see it's common for Blender to mess up FBX imports and exports. Because of that, I'm surprised I can't find more addons for these situations. I guess I could try importing and exporting an OBJ from Zbrush but this wouldn't be the ideal workflow. I've followed this tutorial to the letter https://youtu.be/9NjMeAFkm3s and even downloaded the same model used, https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/ch33t_chair_2 , however, after setting up the shader, I found ugly seams when applying the normal map. I already tried selecting the model in edit mode and recalculating normals, setting normals from faces, averaging, flipping, etc. and no good results. I also tried marking all edges soft, no luck. I've selected the correct UV set as you can see in the shader. I see the same problem in 3.5 and 3.6. Thanks

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A little contribution to this community- although you probably already heard about Allan Mckay. If not, do check it out! [https://www.allanmckay.com/podcast-list-page/](https://www.allanmckay.com/podcast-list-page/) Hoping to see this instance grow and prosper!