3D Modeling
I love to reference this guide every once in a while when I'm doing interior work. It's a great reminder of how to take advantage of a space visually with simple design choices.

I was tasked with the modelling and texturing of a kart inspired on a vw bus for a commercial. Modelling done in maya. Textures in substance painter and render in vray ![](https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/a5bde3f8-0dde-40f5-a9b2-b26cf37901eb.webp) ![](https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/64fdfa84-4f28-41ab-92e9-519754be4ce2.webp) ![](https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/ef7b2f14-02aa-4f1b-bdb3-0f4d451e3d59.webp)

A couple great YT channels for modeling
[JL Mussi](https://www.youtube.com/@jlmussi) - A super talented Maya artist with a lot of great tips and tricks videos. Definitely helpful, even if you don't use Maya. [OnMars3D](https://www.youtube.com/@OnMars3D) - Has a great collection of modeling videos. What other YouTubers should I follow?

Topology Guides Website
This site is a treasure trove of info for 3D artists. If you ever need help with topology it's a great place to start - it even has an encyclopedia of terms for beginners!

3D Modeling
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