> > > Enjoy this showcase of amazing work done by the Blender Community. > > > > See everything new in Blender 4.0 LTS []( > > edit: So this is not how to cross-post on kbin... sorry for extra click. Can't change the link now.

Video: Making Of A Dice [OC]
This is a screencap video of the making of a dice in Blender. When I made this video I had about a week of expreience with Blender an I watched some tutorials before. This is trial no. 20 (probably), which had a sufficient outcome. This is the first model I made which was worth keeping. I took adwantage of the boolean modifier as well as of the bevel modifier. ![]( ![]( ![](

cross-posted from: > > > > > > > > > Six weeks ago I started to learn Blender and have spent every spare minute with it ever since, including my summer vacation. > After working through the manual and watching several tutorials online, I followed the Donut Tutorial and the Søborg Chair Tutorial, both are aimed to beginners, by Blender Guru on Youtube which really helped to understand the logic of the program. > > Here is the result: I modelled and animated my MacBook Pro. The modelling process took approximately 3 weeks (after work and on the weekends), with many setbacks and two crashes during the animation process. The laptop screen film clip, which is a screen capture made with Qucktime Player, inside the main animation must have been too much at this point and resulted in a crash twice. The setup of the animation took me the whole weekend - rendering the 693 frames in total took approximately 18 hours. > > To get the proportions of each part right, I made vector drawings from illustrations and photos of the macbook. I might add that I made these vector drawings using Affinity Designer at an earlier occasion which was unrelated to this modelling project. > ![](

Quite a lot of hurdles with this (couldnt really fix the wrinkly mouth sadly) lowpoly zelda but she is done!

We got another one, this time my 2nd favourite zelda from SkywardSword

I tried to apply the same techniques from the other day to something entirely different, it was lara croft time.

Larar croft low poly
I tried to apply the same techniques to something entirely different, it was lara croft time.

Trying myself at some more low poly stuff this time around (tutorial by pixxo 3d)

TLDR: Can you recommend an addon/plugin that helps with FBX issues upon import and export? I found only []() which is a bit expensive for me, no guarantee it will work either. Option 2: can you recommend a plugin or addon that recalculates the normals more effectively or that could somehow help with this? Or perhaps you know a workaround? I've used Maya, Zbrush and other 3D software for roughly 5 years but I've only started learning Blender for about a month. So I'm not exactly sure which are the best resources or where to find them. From some basic researching, I see it's common for Blender to mess up FBX imports and exports. Because of that, I'm surprised I can't find more addons for these situations. I guess I could try importing and exporting an OBJ from Zbrush but this wouldn't be the ideal workflow. I've followed this tutorial to the letter and even downloaded the same model used, , however, after setting up the shader, I found ugly seams when applying the normal map. I already tried selecting the model in edit mode and recalculating normals, setting normals from faces, averaging, flipping, etc. and no good results. I also tried marking all edges soft, no luck. I've selected the correct UV set as you can see in the shader. I see the same problem in 3.5 and 3.6. Thanks

Looks very cool, haven't bought it yet but I did (some) of their landscape course (by another person) which was excellent. Course is here:

For a project I did way back when.

Of People With Myths Of Humanity Everlasting
![]( Work i did awhile ago using Blender

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Free PBR Textures Ressources

Saw one of the Universal logos at the beginning of a movie I was watching and decided to give it a try. Whaddaya think? :)

Guide: How to scale a Rigify rig
*I had this post saved in my Reddit account, and wanted to reshare it here now that I'm moving off the platform. It's helped me get out of a couple of pinches and hopefully it helps you, too.* Originally posted by `u/frizzil` to [r/blender]( ## Step 1: Prepare - *Backup your project!* - Figure out what value you're going to scale everything by. Every time you scale, you should hit S then immediately type in your value, for consistency. ## Step 2: Scale linked meshes and curves - Scale the vertices of all meshes and curves linked to the rig (not the objects themselves.) Note: you can scale multiple objects' contents simultaneously by selecting them all in Object mode, then swapping to Edit mode, selecting all vertices with `A`, then scaling with `S`. Be aware that you cannot edit both *curves* and *meshes* simultaneously, however. For clarity, you may optionally disable then re-enable the Armature modifier for all objects, before and after this step. (To do so, select all Armature'd objects, then go `Properties -> Modifiers Properties (Wrench) -> Armature -> Alt-LMB on 'Realtime' (the Monitor)`) ## Step 3: Scale the rig 1. Select the rig. 2. Ensure your rig is in Rest pose, for clarity’s sake. (`Pose mode -> ‘A’ to select all -> Pose -> Clear Transforms -> All`) 3. In the Properties Editor, navigate to `Object Data Properties`, then mark *all* Layers visible by holding Shift then dragging LMB over them. 4. Go into Edit mode, select all bones with `A`, then scale with `S`. 5. Check for any bones that didn’t scale. If you see one and cannot select it directly, find it in the Outliner somewhere under `your_rig -> Pose`, then scale them. (`root -> VIS_thigh_ik_pole.L/R` are likely culprits!) Don’t freak out if things look bad outside of Edit mode! That’s our next step. ## Step 4: Fixing the constraints Any unintended deformation in Pose mode, crazy or slight, shall be your guide. We’re now going to find every single Bone Constraint of type “Stretch to” and hit the “Reset” button on it. **Easy Method** Fortunately, Blender lets us accomplish this programmatically, saving us loads of time. 1. Swap to Object mode and select your rig. 2. Open the Scripting workspace. 3. Paste this *entire* code block into the Python Console, then hit `Enter` twice: ``` bone_count = 0 for b in bpy.context.active_object.pose.bones: for c in b.constraints: if c.type == "STRETCH_TO": c.rest_length = 0 bone_count += 1 ``` Explanation: all Stretch To constraints in Rigify are generated with the “default” rest length of zero... which Blender interprets as needing to be immediately recalculated based on current distance. We effectively changed that distance earlier by scaling the bones, so now we reset to zero to have Blender calculate it once again. Now, verify that the script worked by typing in `bone_count` then hitting `Enter` again, which will spit out the number of constraints we just changed. It should NOT be zero - if it is, then double check that your rig is selected and your 3D View is in Object mode, then try again. Your rig should look much better, though it may not be perfect yet. If you can't get this to change *any* bones, consider starting at step 1 of Manual Method; otherwise, skip to step 6 (*sic*, no step 6, move to step 5 instead). **Manual Method** 1. Go into Pose mode. 2. Back in `Object Data Properties`, select only the last Layer (i.e. the ‘ORG’ bone layer.) 3. Select a bone (preferably ‘ORG-spine’, somewhere in the waist), then go 1Properties -> Bone Constraints1, look for a “Stretch To” modifier, then if present, “Reset” it. Repeat for *all* bones on the layer, working your way out from the spine. 4. Now select only the third-to-last layer (i.e. the ‘DEF’ bone layer), and repeat the last step for all bones in it. 5. Check the second-to-last layer (i.e. ‘MCH’) for several bones that may also need to be “Reset”, particularly the huge bones marked ‘ik_stretch’. !< 6. *Advanced:* If you have anything custom and hook-based (like Spline IKs), now is the time to find those hook modifiers and hit their ‘Reset’ buttons while in Edit mode with those objects. 7. Verify that nothing looks off by toggling between Edit and Pose mode on your rig, and checking any bones near where deformation is present. (It’s not likely, but you may need to check the other layers.) If you have animations, double check that nothing is currently keyframed. When you’ve finished, the model should look identical in both modes. ## Step 5: Animations (if present) The location channels for many of the bones in each animation will also need to be scaled by your value, lest your animations swing too short or too wide. **Easy Method** 1. In the Python console, type in `rescale = YOUR_SCALE_VALUE` except with your scale value, and hit Enter. 2. Again in the Python console, type in `rescale_actions = ['my_action1', 'my_action2']` except with the *exact* names of all your desired actions, each inside two single-quotes, and separated by commas, between the two brackets. Then hit `Enter`. 3. Now paste in the *entire* following script, then hit `Enter` twice: ``` for action_id in rescale_actions: for fcurve in[action_id].fcurves: data_path = fcurve.data_path if data_path.startswith('pose.bones[') and data_path.endswith('].location'): for p in fcurve.keyframe_points:[1] *= rescale ``` If you get an error, (e.g. you typed in an action's name incorrectly), then Undo with `Ctrl+Z` then repeat from step 2, until you get no errors and all your actions are scaled! If you just can't get this to work, or need to troubleshoot something, then you might consider the *Manual Method*... but it will be extremely tedious. **Manual Method** 1. Configure a workspace with a 3D View of your model, the Graph Editor, and the Dope Sheet. 2. In the Graph Editor, enable `View -> Only Selected Keyframes Handles`. (This will save you clicks.) 3. Select your rig and swap to Pose mode. 4. For each misplaced bone under each Action in the Dope Sheet, select the bone, shift-select all its “location” channels in the Graph Editor, then while mousing over the graph side of the editor, hit `A -> S -> Y` and immediately type in your scale value. Verify the Action is correct before moving onto the next, and you should be good to go. ## Conclusion Whew! If anyone has corrections or suggestions, please leave them! It took a lot to figure all this out, and I couldn’t find many resources myself, so hopefully this helps someone out there. Good luck, you crazy rig scalers, you.

Animated version here:

I recreated a street fighter 2 arcade machine, thanks a bundle once again to my gf cargyllion here are some more alternative links:

Latest Project Development
The goal here is to emulate a claymation process but digitally. ![]( ![](

Ocean Waves
Made this **night ocean waves** render last night using [this]( tutorial. *[video on Mastodon](* ![](

Software used: blender 2.93.1 (to create the initial shape and animation) | OsciStudio 0.6.0 (to convert the geometry into waveforms and sound, create most of the animation and effects) | OBS Studio (to record the output)

hey, blender people. i've created kitchen backsplash/floor tiles collection. if you are into archvis, you may find it useful. its cc-0 and completely free to use. you can make a layout of your taste from 4 packs of prepared separate tiles: pack 1: pack 2: pack 3: pack 4: you can create a tile with your own image by following video tutorial: or you can just grab prebaked planes with 5x5 tiles, which can be put into godot engine: if you are not satisfied with solid/cracked normal maps, you can also modify and rebake this sculpts: i hope you'll find this stuff useful.

A very impressive example of art made in Blender.

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