I have made a brick in blender. I have used a tutorial with slight tweaking to adjust some parameters. [@blender]( [#b3d]( [#blender](

Who did this???
blender making it REALLY hard to continue using their software, who designed this change, i want the older layout back (bottom one is the old layout) ![]( ![](

[SOLVED] Need help with shader node, faking normal that is flatter than its geometry.
Without using normal map, how do I make something look flatter in arbitrary direction? model: Godette by Pablo Dobarro [Figure 1]( Let's say I want to smoosh character face to make lighting appear flatter while keeping the geometry. What kind of shader node setup can do this in a simple non-destructive way?

> > > Enjoy this showcase of amazing work done by the Blender Community. > > > > See everything new in Blender 4.0 LTS []( > >

[OC] Grave Site - My First 2D/3D Piece!
This is my first piece thst uses grease pencil without a tutorial. Im realky happy with the color scheme and overall look. Looking to get feedback to see if there is anything I could be doing better!

[OC] A small animation I made. What do you think?
[OC] A small animation I made. What do you think? [@blender]( [#blender]( [#art]( [#blender3d]( [#b3d]( [#animation](

Please help me tackle a GIS problem using Blender
Hello Blender Wizards! I am seeking your help in trying to solve a GIS problem using Blender. Any help, pointers or general discussion related to this will be highly appreciated. I am a Blender n00b but I am aware that Blender has a GIS plugin that helps in creating cityscapes by capturing terrain, buildings etc. from GIS maps. Suppose a city with 3D buildings, parks, lakes has been created. Now, I need to find all dwelling units from which a particular park/lake is visible. GIS has something called a viewshed analysis which can be used to find area which will be visible from any given point. But that is the limitation, it just gives the view from a point, not a whole area. My idea is to create stack dwelling units (apartments in high rises) as white objects having unique Object IDs in Blender and parks/lakes as colored light sources. Upon rendering, it is easy to see what dwelling units are lit up in which color. That is all good for visual analysis. My question is, is there any way in Blender to get Object IDs of Objects that have non-white colors on their face? Or do I have to take the help of a Gaming Engine for this? Looking forward to the responses. Cheers!

The conglomeration of artists and hobbyists on the discord of the fan community of manga artist Nihei remade the first chapter of his manga "Blame!", each member redrawing a different page of the chapter. This one was mine!

my first blender render that i'm actual proud of. a little bit.... not really. using this free pixel art add-on btw :

alright, my first problem, everything is grey/invisible in renderview (i have a camera and a light and it renders properly too when actually pressing the button) second problem, little orange dot, it stays on the same spot on the viewport and yes, it is not an origin point since it mvoes with the viewport any help with these is highly appreciated

Why are blender docs and related advice either horrendously outdated or plain wrong?
No matter how often i check blenderdocs, never ocne, and i do mean never once did it help me, their shown pictures for help are so terribly outdated it doesnt even look remotely like current blender anymore. And when im lucky enough to find something i actually need, the advice is just plainwrong (most recently the knife tool and cut-through, literally wrong information)

I wanted to do a lot more with this one but i was really starting to loose it. (i wanted to recreate sanjis goodbye as well)

Six weeks ago I started to learn Blender and have spent every spare minute with it ever since, including my summer vacation. After working through the manual and watching several tutorials online, I followed the Donut Tutorial and the Søborg Chair Tutorial, both are aimed to beginners, by Blender Guru on Youtube which really helped to understand the logic of the program. Here is the result: I modelled and animated my MacBook Pro. The modelling process took approximately 3 weeks (after work and on the weekends), with many setbacks and two crashes during the animation process. The laptop screen film clip, which is a screen capture made with Qucktime Player, inside the main animation must have been too much at this point and resulted in a crash twice. The setup of the animation took me the whole weekend - rendering the 693 frames in total took approximately 18 hours. To get the proportions of each part right, I made vector drawings from illustrations and photos of the macbook. I might add that I made these vector drawings using Affinity Designer at an earlier occasion which was unrelated to this modelling project. ![](

Just a chair from [Blender Gurus tutorial]( added some „moody” lighting to hide all the ugliness

Call of the Siren
Playing around with some NPR renderings.

Building a budget Blender rig
I’m looking for recommendations on parts/builds to use in a budget blender rig. I’ll be using it to make models/rigging for three.js web apps. I know this is probably something that has been covered in a million places online, but after spending the weekend waiting 30 seconds for every click in blender I’m ready for a little chit chat and hope the community will oblige and share some tips on building a cheap but solid rig. Fine with sourcing used parts on Craigslist/online etc. I just want the best rig I can buy for the cheapest amount. Would be using Linux fo sho! Edit: I live in the US. Don’t have a hard budget in mind, just trying to be crafty. Edit 2: I’m basically looking for the “used Honda civic” version of a blender rig. Started freelancing this year and haven’t made the big bucks yet, but hit the point where I need something to get work done Thanks! <3

File can be downloaded at:

Best way to do human skin for a model that will be used for web in GLB format?
Hey! I have a human model that I have put together for a Three.js web app. The model will be a GLTF/GLB file and will ultimately be compressed with Draco. I’m at the point where I am creating the skin material and wanted to come and ask the pros for some tips! I’m looking for some pointers on the best way to create skin material (for a black person if that matters) that would be good for performance and file size? I’ve been researching on my own, have set up some skin shaders, and considered using a texture map, but need help figuring out what the best overall move would be for my specific use case. Thank you!!

All the details are polygons, no booleans used. Practicing working with more complex meshes.

How can I make one bone have a fixed position while others still move?
I've tried looking this up for myself, but I'm not quite sure what words I should be using to describe the problem. Basically I want to have one bone be fixed in place, while the rest in the chain respond to inverse kinematics. How would I go about approaching that? Thanks! EDIT: I found the answer on the docs. Here it is for anyone who finds this later (Blender v 3.6.1) **Locking Bones** You can prevent a bone from being transformed in Edit Mode in several ways: - All bones can be locked clicking on the Lock checkbox of their Transform panel in the Bones tab - Press Shift-W Toggle Bone Options ‣ Locked - Select Armature ‣ Bone Settings ‣ Toggle a Setting. If the root of a locked bone is connected to the tip of an unlocked bone, it will not be locked, i.e. you will be able to move it to your liking. This means that in a chain of connected bones, when you lock one bone, you only really lock its tip. With unconnected bones, the locking is effective on both joints of the bone.

Hey, just a programmer and quite the noob at Blender with a question, having just done some simple models previously and never really tried to put my best effort or time into any of the models. I am wondering for a game mesh what should be done in a case for example as the example image after a bevel when there is those new n amount of vertices on the face? One could just in an ugly manner just connect all those vertices to some of the other corners of the face to create a bunch of triangles right? IF would be certain the face would be flat, just like a cylinder cap? But in a more clean way how would/should you make the toplogy on that face back to quads? I have watched a few youtube toplogy videos but still clueless about this lol

Working on blocking out my first large portfolio scene in blender! 
I had this idea to do a series of images of various vegetables cannibalising themselves. Sort of a social commentary on things nowadays. 
 In this one potatoes are gorging themselves on French fries, only to be dragged off once large enough to themselves become fries! #deep 😂 
 What do you think of it? 
Will probably work on the potatoes or the deep fryer next.

How can I create text-particles from CSV-File
Hello community. I am new with blender, and this is my first post here. I have the following task to master: I have a CSV-File with 1000 Names. I would like to spread those Names somehow randomly in space. It would be nice for them to be 3D, and not just be flat. As a bonus, I would like those names to be connected by lines. I would then animate a Camera flying through that space. Is that achievable, and how? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks a lot.

Model can be downloaded for free at [BlenderKit](

Afternoon snack
Results from the Blender Donut tutorial

Hello! I am new to blender and for a unity project try to make a simple player character. I made him some rudimentary clothes yesterday and then tried to attach a cloth modifier to them - However, when I bake it the outfit kind of 'blows up' and I dont know why it changes its shape like that (I added a picture). Also, when I animate the character, now the outfit no longer moves with him, but it does when I remove the cloth modifier... Is the armature modifier not valid anymore? I kind of assumed the physics properties of the cloth would let the cloth move with the body (which has a collider modifier) I hope you don't mind me asking big noob questions here... Have a nice day!

Model can be downloaded for free at:

Hello I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on how to do a thing in blender I created a human head model in FaceBuilder add on and I have a separate premade human body model. I positioned, scaled and joined them together, but there are some small gaps between the two models What’s the best way to fix this? Any tools or tips to get me moving in the right direction would be amazing I’ve been researching the docs, YouTube, chatgpt but getting confused at all the different ways to do things and the different versions of the program. I’m using blender 3.5 Thanks!!!!

![]( ![]( ![](

Blender and Substance Painter. Just a practice run. Gotta go back and do some more work on the models and give texturing another go.

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