[META] [Crosspost] Announcing a new Search Engine for Lemmy
cross-posted from: > I shared bits and pieces of this before, but it's officially up and running now: > > This is an enhanced search engine for Lemmy. With a few primary goals: > * You can choose a preferred instance. After choosing what your primary instance is, and performing a search ALL links will open in that instance. > * This aims to be a replacement for using `` in Google, but just for the fediverse. > * You can filter the search results by: > * Instance -- This will filter the results to only show communities that belong to a particular instance. Just type something like `instance:lemmy.wrold` or `instance:`. This is separate from your preferred instance, such that you can search for posts on while still opening them on > * Community -- You can refine the search by a specific community. You use the same syntax that you'd use here `community:!`. > * Author -- Similar to the above you can also filter by a specific author such as: ``. > * The entire thing is open-source. You can view the code and even host your own instance... See more details here: > > NOTE: This only supports Lemmy instances for now. Other fediverse type instances may be in the future depending on how this works out. > > I've been working on this over just the last few weeks, so it hasn't had a chance to crawl much of the fediverse yet. For now it only supports `` and `` but other preferred-instances will come online as time goes by. > > If anyone finds any bugs, and I'm sure you will, or if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE raise an issue on GitHub for me to track. Lastly, if anyone wants to help contribute please feel free to reach out. > > **NOTE TO SERVER ADMINS: You can prevent your site from being crawled by adding `lemmy-search` to your robots.txt for the user-agent.**

[META] Creating a new community is easy, but to get people on board, you need to create some content.
If you create a community, please try and populate it with content. I see a lot of new communities with 0-1 posts from the mod. That's not nearly enough to get people engaged - users are going to see that it's a ghost town and leave. If you have enough interest to create a community, you probably know *something* about the subject matter, so PLEASE add some posts (5-10 would be a good start). Maybe some questions to get people talking, even popular reposts from other sites. It sucks shouting into a void, but if you don't do it, everyone else will also be shouting into a void. Also please consider whether you *need* to create a community! When there are 100 million users of the site, there may be 1000 people who are interested in the same exact niche tabletop RPG as you, but there are <500,000 users here for now, so you'll be lucky to find 10. Consider creating a thread in a broader community (like boardgames) until you have enough people talking in the thread that it gets messy - *then* it's time to create a separate community. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

[META] New is looking for moderators
As we have pass our thousandth post and continue to grow, I'd felt like it would be a good idea to have more than one moderator for this community. You do not have to be on to apply. It shouldn't take all day to moderate, but it's not trivial either. Please only apply if you think you'd be able to moderate. Please message me with the following information if you would like to apply: - Your timezone. - Any moderation experience? (Not required, but if so, give basic details. Not just on Lemmy, any platform.) - Any other details you want to give. **Expectations** You are expected to moderate for spam and uncivil content in general and handle any other situations that may occur but also uphold the rules of on this community, which are here: Also, help other users when needed. This isn't exactly the most formal process, but this is a casual community and most of us are new, so I'm trying to make it as simple as possible.

AI Photography – Highly-realistic photos you wouldn’t think were generated
The small but growing curated community for AI image generations that look indistinguishably realistic! Feel free to stop by or share your own generations: !

3D Print 4 Good - Mutual Aid Community
cross-posted from: > # c/PrintforGood @ > > >Harnessing the power of 3D printing to improve lives on two and four legs. A mutual aid and charity resource for medical, veterinary, and quality-of-life 3D printing. > > > >Offical WIP Mirror for: > > * [!]( > *

Movies on Kbin is under new moderation now has active moderation, and is open to all kinds of movie-related content, so if you like movie communities, you're welcome to join us! **Links for Lemmy/Beehaw** [Movies](/c/ !movies **Links for Kbin/Mbin** [Moviess](/m/ [@movies](

Come show off your beavers (SFW ones) in this community! We welcome all pictures, memes, videos and articles about our dam-building friends. [Beavers](/c/ ! If anyone wants to help me mod, please send a dm.

ForgottenWeapons - A community for discussing historical, unique, or otherwise interesting arms designs
A community for discussion around historical, unique, or otherwise interesting small arms design along with topics adjacent to Ian McCollum's Forgotten Weapons. If you find a picture containing a firearm you'd like help identifying you're more than welcome to post it here for assistance. []( !

sitelen musi - kulupu ni li ma pi ni: jan mute li pana e sitelen musi pi toki pona
! [sitelen musi](/c/ --- en: sitelen musi - this community is the place of this: people posting toki pona memes toki pona (good language/langauge of good) is a constructed language focused on minimalism and simplicity. go learn it ;3

! [/c/sockpuppetsociety](/c/ Message or reply if you want to be a mod The community was started after this post: > When Reddit was first becoming popular, were it's communities and content basically just clones of other websites like Digg? Someone mentioned how Reddit used to sockpuppet to fake engagement, and Lemmy DOES need some new and original communities, so here You can make posts about sockpuppets reenacting real life events using any format you want! For example: - You can doodle on a napkin - You can use MS Paint - You can use REAL paints - You can use generative AI - You can use real sock puppets - You can pose an old sock in a weird way

Stick Enthusiasts - For sharing your great sticks or stick related memes
We all love a good stick! !

Kurzgesagt — An unofficial community for discussing Kurzgesagt’s videos on space, biology, philosophy, etc.
An unofficial community for discussing anything and everything related to [Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell]( Links: [@Kurzgesagt]( !Kurzgesagt [/c/Kurzgesagt](/c/

RFK Jr. Presidential Candidate

Soundtracks on Kbin
A community designed for the sharing of OSTs. links: [soundtracks]( or for lemmy [soundtracks]( !soundtracks

Minecraft Suggestions — A community for sharing and discussing ideas for Minecraft
The threadiverse counterpart of r/minecraftsuggestions. This isn't a new community—we (the r/mcs mods) made it a while back following the whole Reddit API fiasco—but since it hasn't been posted here before, I figured that I'd put it here for anyone who's interested but not aware. Links: [@mcsuggestions]( !mcsuggestions [/c/mcsuggestions](/c/

Feminine Boys - A text based SFW community for discussion on the Femboy experience
A community for SFW discussion about the femboy experience. Links: - [/c/feminineboys](/c/ - !

Fantasy Games Unlimited ( - A place for the fans of this influential TTRPG publisher to gather and chat.
**[Fantasy Games Unlimited](** (FGU) was founded in 1975 and actively published until 1991 (limping along in direct sales afterward to this day). FGU is known for its large, eclectic, and often very influential [collection of published games]( This community is devoted to this wild, wonderful, weird game publisher’s works and personalities. ### Subscription Links: * /c/ * * !

I noticed there wasn't a community made yet for Ambigrams, so I'm going to shamelessly plug the one I made. - [Ambigrams](/c/ - ! I'm looking for sister subs to add to the sidebar, and recommendations of related communities would be appreciated!

There are already communities for other AI image models, but none for DALL·E so far, so I've created one. - Link 1: [DALL·E 3](/c/ - Link 2: ! - Link 3:

Linux Memes - A community for sharing memes and humor around linux
A community for posting memes and humor relating to linux Yes this community already exists on but not all of our federated instances are federated with world (e.g. beehaw) so this provides an alternative community Links: - ! - [/c/linux_memes](/c/ - (kbin)

Software Gore - A community for sharing software malfunctions
Community for posting any moments where software unpredictably malfunctions to do something it was not intended to do Links: - ! - [/c/software_gore](/c/

Yorkshire - Feddit UK - back from deletion
! /c/ The original community was deleted when the creator deleted their account but it's back under new management.

ObscureMusic on Kbin
A community designed for the sharing of lesser-known music. links: [obscuremusic]( or for lemmy [obscuremusic]( !obscuremusic

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Television on Kbin - under moderation now
I took control of m/television the other day. It was abandoned since its start and had people posting silly youtube videos. Feel free to join and post. links: [television]( or for lemmy [television]( !television

Comic Books - Under New Management!
The Comic Books group has existed for a few months now with an inactive mod. I'm sprucing up the place a little bit! If you want a place to talk comics, graphic novels, compilations, omnibusses (omnibusi?) Head on over!

World News on Kbin - under new moderation now has active moderation, so if you want to expand your news communities, please feel welcome to join us! **Links for Lemmy/Beehaw** [Worldnews](/c/ !worldnews **Links for Kbin/Mbin** [Worldnews](/m/ [@worldnews](

Join us at the front gate to welcome new users into Lemmy, and to the Fediverse as a whole! Links: - ! - [/c/newtolemmy](/c/ --- I'm hoping this community will encourage new people to do things like the following: > - share what you're looking for, or what you want to do. We'll help you find it > - Ask questions! The Fediverse is new to most people. If you're unsure about something, others are unsure as well. > - Just smile and wave, maybe someone will wave back 👋 --- I searched around for a bit and didn't see a community for this purpose, so I made this one. If you have suggestions, have resources for the new users, or want to help moderate, let me know!

I'm setting up the first round now. Please join early, so you will be notified when we start. You can also make your own game in addition to the community wide one. **How to play?** Until we get a Fediverse version of this, you will need a Spotify account. I can't fix this unfortunately, it's up to the MusicLeague people to fix this. - Every week, there will be a prompt. You will need to pick a song based on that - The next week, everyone will assign points anonymously - Enjoy finding new music and reading comments until we get to the end of the game - The user with the most points will win something (like our admiration)🏆 official user guide:

Categorized Communities Collection
[Categorized Communities Collection](/c/ ! A community for categorizing communities by a topic, e.g. sport, which can be both used to discover communities you’re interested in or for mass blocking if you’re very much not interested in it.

Instance Recommendations
[Instance Recommendations](/c/ ! A communtiy for instance recommendations, both through questions for the seekers and as advertising if you think an instance is being slept on while being what many unknowingly seek.

A community for Raccoon, Android app for Lemmy
[Here]( you can test Raccoon out, and if you'd like, report some bugs &amp; request new features.

British folk traditions - Feddit UK
! /c/

Comedy + genre (horror, fantasy and science-fiction) - Lemmy.World
! /c/ If it's funny and fantastical it fits.

! This isn't one that I made but it's super inactive. It's for examples of Faux Cyrillic, шнфсн фs шнзи дмзяфсs шяфтз гiкз тнфs.

Hey this is a community for the 30DayMapChallenge: ! Ever made a map before? Why not start tomorrow? The theme for tomorrow is 'lines' . Anyways.. the challenge goes through November.

NaNoWriMo - a community for national novel writing month! (which starts today!)
! is the community, if you plan on participating in the challenge feel free to post over there about it :D

Chainsawfolk - A community to shitpost the Chainsaw Man manga and anime(manga spoilers!)
[Chainsawfolk](/c/ !

Come join our community of very real tech pictures! We have hacker lasers! ![]( Security experts! ![]( Computer repair! ![]( Pro soldering techniques! ![]( And whatever the hell this is! ![]( Come check us out at !!

    Create a post

    A place to post new communities all over Lemmy for discovery and promotion.


    The rules may be more established as time goes on, but it’s important to have a foundation to work on.

    1. Follow the rules of - These rules are the same as’s rules, which can be found here.

    2. Include a community title and description in your post title. - A following example of this would be New Communities - A place to post new communities all over Lemmy for discovery and promotion.

    3. Follow the formatting. - The formatting as included below is important for people getting universal links across Lemmy as easily as possible.


    Please include this following format in your post:

    [link text](/c/

    This provides a link that should work across instances, but in some cases it won’t

    You should also include either:




    Q: Why do I get a 404?

    A: At least one user in an instance needs to search for a community before it gets fetched. Searching for the community will bring it into the instance and it will fetch a few of the most recent posts without comments. If a user is subscribed to a community, then all of the future posts and interactions are now in-sync.

    Q: When I try to create a post, the circle just spins forever. Why is that?

    A: This is a current known issue with large communities. Sometimes it does get posted, but just continues spinning, but sometimes it doesn’t get posted and continues spinning. If it doesn’t actually get posted, the best thing to do is try later. However, only some people seem to be having this problem at the moment.

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    Fahmi, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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