Kicking off the community with one of my favorite YT channels
I'd love to see this become a hub for us to share some of our favorite Nuke tutorials, resources, gizmos and more. So, to kick us off, I thought I'd link to one of my favorite YouTube channels for Nuke content: Hugo's Desk. If you *haven't* heard of him, Hugo Guerra is a seasoned Nuke compositor with a ton of industry experience, and he spends most of his time now creating educational content, both paid and free. He's especially good for beginners looking to break into the program, as long as you can deal with long Twitch stream replays and sitting through rabbit hole conversations with chat. ;)

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    This is a community for Nuke compositors to share tips, tricks, and inspiration with each other. Nuke is a nodal compositing software commonly used in feature film and commercials, developed by The Foundry.

    Looking for a more general compositing community? Check out /c/compositing!

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