Found this really cool hand drawn Hatch shader post-processing tutorial. It's long, but the end effect is well worth the length of the tutorial.

Blender to UE camera animation screwed up
I'm trying to export a baked camera animation from Blender to Unreal 5. It's just some basic translation/rotation movement, like a camera dolly. I export to FBX, create a Cine Camera in UE, and import the animation, but for some reason my camera turns sideways and the camera scale is animated at some crazy values (like 2500+) while location and rotation stay the same. I've found half a dozen YouTube videos that talk about how to do this and I'm following them exactly but my scene is borked and they're like "LOL it just works check it out". Is there something stupid simple here that I'm missing?

MetaHuman Animator released!
MetaHuman animator is one of the reasons I started looking at UE again and I'm so excited to finally get to try it. I got the notification when I opened the UE launcher but [here's an article]( that talks a bit about it. I'll link to more if I come across it.

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