A collection of communities around computer graphics topics - if you liked subreddits like, r/animation, r/3dmodeling, r/vfx, etc, then check these out!

/c/nukevfx - For Nuke compositors specifically


/c/compositing - For compositors of all kinds (After Effects, Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop and more)


/c/animation - For animators and animation enthusiasts


/c/3dmodeling - For software-agnostic 3D modeling tips and tricks. All programs welcome!


/c/webgl - For the many ways you can create 3D graphics on the web, including WebGL, ThreeJS, PolygonJS, and more.


    • @osiriswrecksOPA
      21 year ago

      Just search for a community you’re interested in from your home instance - for example, search for !3dmodeling@lemmy.graphics and it will show up. If it doesn’t, wait for the “No Results” text to disappear and check for it in the communities list and click the subscribe button.